Tamara Hudson


(913) 268-5393




Absolutely Tamara – that’s me! All in. Always.

I’m a Fashion-Lovin’, Furniture-Paintin’, Trend-Makin’, Elvis-Lovin’ Girl.

I live in the wonderfully exquisite town of Shawnee, Kansas with my Hot Husband and my Dog. I’ve wanted to own my own boutique since I could talk. I love nothing more than watching a girl walk out of a fitting room with her head held high and her shoulders back with a grin on her face, getting ready to TWIRL. I get the same warm fuzzies when a girl falls in love the PERFECT piece of furniture for her first home.

I am lucky enough to say that my dream of owning my own store came true in 2003. There have been many twists and turns along this adventure including learning how to rescue and restore furniture and teaching others just like you how to do it too. It’s always been my philosophy that you should surround yourself with things that you love.

Let’s create a beautiful life together. Life’s too short to be BORING!