Hello Friends:

It’s been a while since I posted a new blog post. BUT! I have been up to some pretty cool things here and there the biggest of those was creating a NEW WEBSITE!

I’m a little rusty and I am learning a new system, so please be patient with me. I will get back in the swing of things and hopefully be better than ever. I’m SUPER excited about the Sunflower Wreath that I shared on Fox 4 News this morning and I promised some people the instructions. I watched several videos and I pulled some ideas from different tutorials to come up with my version. I think this one is pretty easy to follow.

Let me know what you think!

Here goes!

You will need:


1 roll of 10in yellow Poly Burlap Mesh cut into 30 pieces 10 in long  – I ordered mine from Trendy Tree

1 strip of wire burlap 10 foot long

50ish 9 in pieces of floral wire – I used the smallest gauge and cut them in half

Scissors or diagonal wire cutters to trim the floral wire

NOW, to get started! You will begin with the outer ring. Notice that the wire wreath frame is in sections. You will take 1 piece of floral wire and bend it in half around the ring and twist it like you are closing a bag of bread or a sack of taters. You only need to twist it 2 or 3 times because you will be laying your petal on top of that twist and twisting again to secure it. You only need one twist per section on that outer ring. To make a petal you simply gather in from corner to corner one of the yellow squares. You pinch the middle together and do the same thing with the second petal. Lay the petals side by side then attach to the floral wire that is already attached to the ring.







Then snip that extra wire or tuck it around to the back of the petal. After you have done a double layer of petals to the outer ring (a total of 10) you are ready  to repeat the process on each layer of the wreath frame BUT ONLY WITH ONE PETAL. Work your way around the frame until you have placed all 30 petals around the frame.

Now it’s time to work on the center! Depending on how fluffy your petals are you will have to determine how long to cut the burlap strips to fill in the center hole. You will need 2 strips attached to the center ring that make a criss cross. Like so:



Then start making loops anywhere from 8 to 10in long usually and go around the center ring filling in the gaps. I PROMISE that once you start fluffing and arranging the petals it will all fill in nicely.



Now it’s time to add the green leaves. Take one of the 12 inch strips and curl one corner in until the whole thing curls just a little bit. I opted to group 2 together on one side of the wreath and one by itself. Get creative! GO CRAZY!


Now I suggest that you hang your wreath and start arranging petals to make the look full and even mostly making sure that you are covering your twist ties. You will also need to take a pair of scissors and give it a haircut. Did I mention that this makes a BIG MESS??? Well, it does. But the results are worth it. Step back take a look and fuss with it a bit. It will all come together!

I found the cute little wood cut out that said “You are Here”.

I liked that sentiment. It spoke to me as a reminder that when I enter my home I am HOME. Be Present. Leave work be. Set the phone down. Just be ‘HERE’.



You could leave it just as is, you could also put your last initial, a welcome sign…possibilities are endless! Make is special to YOU!

I TOTALLY got the idea from one of the girls that took the class. She added a cute sign to hers when she got it home.

Peace, Love & Sunflowers!

XOXO, Tamara

PS I promise to get better at this blogging thing!