Capsule Wardrobe OR Torture? hmmmmm

The last couple blogs, I have shared some of my messes with you and my struggle to get rid of things. I had been hearing about “Capsule Wardrobes” over the last year and decided to try it. Reason? Not because […]

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One Closet at a time…

Happy Sunday!!! (make that COLD Sunday here in KC) Last post I shared a few of my messes with you. And you were all so kind. I think we all learned that we ALL have messes. And that is OK. […]

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How I start my day

Some of you have started your ‘New Year, New You” rituals. Eat Right. Go to the Gym. Shop Less. Do More. I will spend the day today working on my Goals for 2016.  I break them into 4 categories: Personal, […]

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