The last couple blogs, I have shared some of my messes with you and my struggle to get rid of things. I had been hearing about “Capsule Wardrobes” over the last year and decided to try it.


Not because I hate all of my clothes.

The reason is that in the 13 years of owning my own business I have made piles (at home and work) that literally FEEL like they are suffocating me.

I need to breathe.

I want my HOME to be a calming safe place to land.

Last Sunday I took out ALL the hanging items and piled them on my bed.

CONFESSION: This was just one of my closets. We’ll get there people…baby steps.

This is what that looked like:


Then I made a meatloaf and put it in the oven. I knew I only had 1 hour to sort through all of this before dinner would be ready. I posted this pix on facebook and several people commented on how long it would take me to go through all of this…that I would need to find somewhere else to sleep etc.

I did it. 40 minutes. DONE.

I made a SELL pile, DONATE pile, VINTAGE / NON NEGOTIABLE pile and the items I was willing to FIGHT for went back in my closet.

I bagged up the ‘donate’ items. I neatly folded the ‘sell’ items and put in totes to take to Plato’s Closet Barry Rd the next day, moved my ‘vintage’ items into the next room and rehung the items I was willing to fight for in the closet. I had dinner with my darling husband and forgot all about the closet until the next day.

Now. It’s Monday. I revisit my plan to have a Daily Capsule Wardrobe.

My plan was to have 37 FABULOUS pieces that would all mix and match. I started with the idea of 9/9/9.

9 Bottoms, 9 tops, 9 dresses / jackets.

In each category of 9 I would have 3 casual, 3 work, 3 dressy items.


Now, let’s be honest, my first rough draft said 9 shoes. That’s  NEVER gonna happen with me.

So to bring you up to speed. I have already negotiated 3 categories that are not subject to the 37ish rule: Shoes, Vintage and those Non Replaceable pieces like my Double D Jackets.

So here is where it all stands right now.


Monday I went to Plato’s Closet off Barry Rd. I took 5 bags of clothing and they bought about 3 bags worth totaling $160.00! WOOHOO!  My friend, Mike owns this particular location and I strongly suggest you head up there and visit them. The store is beautifully put together, clean and organized AND they have some really great items for your wardrobe. You will be proud to know that I didn’t bring home anything new…and it was HARD not to!

While I was there I asked Mike what he would want you all to know about selling clothes to Plato’s Closet.

#1: Next weekend (30th) is their BIG Grab Bag Sale

#2: They are now looking for Spring / Summer

#3: They are no longer strictly Brand driven they are SYLE driven

So go check em out:

I also donated 3 contractor bags full of clothing, thank you Christine for taking 2 of those for me.( I have one more for you that we forgot to load. Once I go through what was left in my closet I will have even more.)

I am left with roughly 150 pieces hanging in my closet. I broke those items into 3 groups. The left side of the closet is jackets and bottoms, the  middle is tops and the right is summer that I do not plan to touch right now.

Today and Tomorrow I will work on editing those items. I have not touched folded items like jeans and leggings, sweaters and ponchos.  It will be interesting to see how I get to 37. WOW. ( I know, first world problems…hey I am just being REAL with you…don’t judge.)

I CAN say that just making the adjustment I made on this first round, it was SO EASY to get dressed in the mornings. And fun again. I had on completely different looks and styles each day too, which is what I love.

AND, it’s been fun planning what project I am going to start first with the $$$ I am making.

Between Plato’s Closet and Facebook swap pages I am at $240.

I’ll let ya know how tomorrow goes.

Tomorrow am I will be on Fox 4 Kansas City sharing Valentine Décor ideas, after that I’ll be hard at it!

Peace, Love, Fashion and HOME




This afternoon is my Uncle Rick’s Celebration of Life, please whisper a prayer for my family today.