When we opened our shop, Encore, in 2003 we had a pretty simple idea. We wanted a unique creative space that when you left you felt Good. We wanted to Dress You & Your Home. We wanted you to be able to take it home if you liked it.

None of that has changed.

Today we are sitting at the very beginning of an exciting journey. This journey started almost 3 years ago when we became a partner at Restoration Emporium. Who would have ever thought that with our little “Encorner” we would be here today. Through some very divinely guided twists and turns RE started selling Amy Howard at Home Paint.

This was not an accident.

I was excited right down to my toes when this happened, and remember, painting furniture was not my number one focus with RE. I was / am the clothing girl. BUT SOMETHING just felt so insanely right about their move to Amy Howard. I couldn’t explain it. I don’t really remember even saying much about it.

Then something WONDERFUL happened.
The Huff’s became the Midwest Regional Distributors for Amy Howard at Home Paint. I was over the moon excited for them.

Little did I know that I would then have the opportunity to sell the line in my boutique. ME! It wasn’t even something I had entertained the idea of….yet. When Chryssy and Jeff said they would like to talk to me about the opportunity, my heart started smiling. I said I needed to chat with my husband but I was pretty sure the answer was: YES!!!

ah paint

I have a lot to learn, and I am so ready. We’ve had some big challenges at the boutique this year with the bridge in Merriam being closed for the last 7 months. I was needing a field trip to look forward to, you know what I mean? Remember in grade school? When you knew there was a field trip coming up and were so excited you almost couldn’t stand it? It made it easier to get through all the boring stuff because you KNEW a field trip was coming up on Friday!

Amy Howard products arriving at Encore was my Field Trip. And it just feels like a perfect fit. We have always sold furniture and decor from day one, NOW we can take it one step further. We can help you DRESS UP your current furniture and add new pieces. Whole new meaning to Dress You * Dress Your Home

I have always believed you should surround yourself with things you love. I believe your home should be a reflection of YOU. Forget the RULES. It’s YOUR home, YOUR STORY. Make it a good one.

I would LOVE it, if you would visit the Amy Howard at Home Website and take a few minutes to watch the video. It’s quite powerful.



I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Happy Sunday. Color your world beautiful.

Peace Love Paint

-xoxo Tamara