I haven’t been feeling great the last couple weeks. Lots of little aches and pains.  A little bit of Vertigo. Headaches. A Migraine. Just haven’t had a day where I felt 100%.

Today I woke up still not feeling how I want to feel. You know I want to wake up feeling like I can conquer the world! I was chillin’ in my room thinking about writing a blog post and I couldn’t even think. So I grabbed my tennis shoes, a sweat shirt, a head band to cover my ears since it was still in the 50’s and Winston and I headed to the Merriam walking trial.

I told myself: You can either walk or run, do what FEELS good.  Just getting out of the van I started feeling a little bit better. Winston was doing what Winston does…running from tree to tree whining trying to pee on ALL the trees. Poor fella.

Then BAM, it happened. We took off running. HARD. Now, I am not a pretty runner. By most descriptions I probably don’t actually RUN, it’s more like a quick jog, red faced, boobs bouncing everywhere and sucking wind.


We ran until we didn’t want to run anymore.

Then we walked. And that felt good. Winston sniffed stuff. I picked up leaves. We smiled at people. We met other dogs. And then something MAGICAL happened.

It was like a Hallmark Movie when the little girl needs a Christmas Miracle. You know, when she goes outside and looks up into the black sky and one snowflake appears, then 3 then 12 then 100 and then it’s full fledge snowing. Of course, it didn’t start SNOWING (thank God) but I was standing in the middle of 20 or so trees and YELLOW leaves slowly started falling and the next thing I knew the whole path was covered in YELLOW leaves, you couldn’t even see the asphalt anymore. I reached for my phone to take a pix and I literally said out loud NO. BE HERE. RIGHT NOW.  So we stood there. Getting covered in leaves. And you have to just take my word for it.

And then I remembered something a new friend and client shard with me yesterday. Marilyn said “It’s PROGRESS not PERFECTION” I spent the rest of our walk thinking on those words. Progess. Some days there isn’t as much progress as others. Some days just going for a run / walk with your dog is all ya need and all ya got.

So after we got home I snapped a pix of our burning bush by our front porch. “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” for NOT getting you a picture of our Yellow Brick Road this morning.


Take care of you. Take care of each other.

Follow YOUR yellow brick road and breathe it in!

Peace, Love and MAGIC

xoxo, Tamara