Life. That thing you do from day to day. The REAL stuff.

The stuff that doesn’t make a perfect pintrest post or instagram video.

The hectic schedule, the laundry, the bills. The days you stare at your closet full of clothes and SWEAR you have NOTHING to wear. The dirty bathroom. The nights you grab a fast food meal because by the time you get home and cook a healthy meal it’s time to go to bed and start all over the next day.

The night you come home 30 min later than normal and the Great Dane ate your husband’s Durango leather boot….



So, you do the only thing worth doing at that point. You say SCREW IT! and pour yourself a glass of wine and plan to conquer the world TOMORROW!


2015 had a lot of promise. I carefully thought out what I wanted to accomplish, what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down those goals, I created an action plan and even when it felt like the bottom was falling out I kept plugging away. I was able to mark a few things off as DONE and celebrate the WIN. I changed some things about my business and my personal life. I spent more time with my husband. We laughed a lot. But as the year wore on I just became more tired and more tired. Physically. Spiritually. Emotionally.

And just on cue LIFE happened again. My uncle in California lost his battle with cancer. Friends of mine found out they have cancer. My mom’s cousin was killed in a car accident. My uncle goes to the Dr only to be sent to the ER to eventually be sent to a nursing home with Stage 4 lung cancer. My mom is stretched as far as she can go.  And just like other REAL families out there, we have a whole pile of family issues to deal with too. (let’s be honest: FAMILY IS MESSY)

As much as I wanted to wrap 2015 up with a pretty little bow and kick off a FABULOUS NEW 2016 instead, I’m sitting here in my messy little house, with a messy business in an ever changing messy retail world just trying to navigate day to day without crying ALL my mascara off! AND I broke a tooth off that had a crown, so I have giant hole in my head and I have a very unhealthy FEAR of the dentist! I  want to tackle those new dreams and goals for 2016 but let’s be honest, right now taking a shower and getting to work on time is my biggest goal. While my mom has so much on her plate I am so blessed to have Craig working with me.

He is my SANITY.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “What do I want?” “What do I need?”

I DESPERATELY want to have some order. I want the piles at the store to be tamed. (more on that later) I need things at home organized and fixed and pretty. We bought this house 15 years ago. We gutted it and moved in 6 weeks later. We’ve done a few things to the house, but mostly…we have lived here while we both worked crazy long hours. It needs a lot of work.

So, 2016 to me is about HOME.

Make no mistake Home is where ever Josh and my dogs are. They are my safe soft spot. Always.

2016 will be about making time for us, having friends and family over…even in the MESSY times.

AND…stuff is getting done! I have shoved ALL of these closets too full, I have piled every corner too high…I feel like all the STUFF is getting in the way.  I can’t breath. It’s all coming in on me.

I took a few pix around the house today so don’t be judgy. Please.

These are just the beginning of the BEFORE pix. If I feel more comfortable I will share more of my messes.

The ones you can see and the ones you can’t.

20160110_112552 - Copy



CLEARLY, from the boot picture you see we have a shoe storage problem. The pile in the spare room is because Josh has no where safe to keep his shoes when we are not home. Lady Dane Finley starts chewing on them if she thinks we are gone too long.


Yes, that is a bicycle and a gas can in the dining room. And YES, that is the same leopard vinyl hanging on the wall that I dumpster dived for and hung on the wall when we moved in 15 years ago. YES


AND the living room. This is where we LIVE. The couches will always have slip covers that can be taken off quickly if visitors pop by. I have given up trying to keep them tidy looking when we are all home. BUT, the loveseat….oh my…if you pull that cover up….it’s bad. That’s all I will say. There are always towels on the floor to wipe the dog’s paws when they come in…necessary, but makes me crazy. If you look in the corner you will see MORE leopard print….from the same dumpster diving 15 years ago.


The last one today. The lone Christmas present under the tree for my friend Tania.

Our home is small but it is FULL of love. It deserves some of my attention because this is what I need for me. I need to spend more time here, recharging.  I’ll be filling you in as we make some BIG and some SMALL changes here and at the boutique.

Wishing you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Meaningful 2016

Peace, Love & Messes!

xoxo, Tamara