WARNING: If you are easily offended please stop reading now.

You have been fairly warned.

I wrestled with actually doing this post and then I realized I had to do it.


That’s Me.

Breaking news: I’m not really a blonde. Guess what? I change my hair cut and color almost as often as the weather changes in KS. BECAUSE I LIKE TO.

I loooooove long hair, but I do not have “good” long hair. My hair is naturally fine, but I have a lot of it, so as it grows long it just gets kinds of flat and icky looking. So, I work with what I’ve got. Just like when I am dressing people, I work to accentuate the positives.

I do also realize that this particular hair style is NOT everyone’s cup ‘o tea. I didn’t ask you to like it. I didn’t even ask for you opinion. I like it. And SURPRISE: My husband likes it.

Who is that you ask that I am talking to?

Every asshole guy that thinks he can say things to me like: “Are you still married after doing that to your hair?” “Are you a dyke now?” “What the hell did you do to yourself, you were so pretty with long hair?” “Why would you do that to yourself? What did Josh say?”

First of all Screw You.

Second of all I didn’t ask you.

Lastly You ain’t no fashion plate mister, you don’t have any credentials with Vogue and I’m sure I will never sit next to you at a fashion show in Paris.

I understand that I put myself out there. I am active on social media which makes me vulnerable to your opinions and criticism. And please know that if I ever ASK for you opinion I want the truth, because trust me, if you ask for mine I will be honest with you.

The reason I felt compelled to write this particular post is this, what about the girls out there that people are saying mean horrible things to them over things they can’t change?

The color of their skin.
Their accent.
Their name.
Their religion.
Their sexual preferences.

What about the things they can change that they may be working on and crying themselves to sleep over like:
Their weight.
The shape of their nose.
The size of their breasts.
Their height.
Their acne.

Those of you who continued to read this, get my point, I’m sure.

I DID NOT write this because I want anyone to tell me how much they like my hair. I am NOT fishing for compliments OR for anyone to feel sorry for me.

I’m a pretty strong girl. I can handle it. BUT it has really embarrassed me in PUBLIC a couple of times and to be honest it’s made me feel pretty shitty a couple of times. I’m human.

And I just don’t understand why these MEN have felt they had the right to say ANYTHING like that to me. Some to my face. Some in messages. Some in texts. Some behind my back. And it’s ALWAYS MEN.

I also find this interesting…The few times I have flipped them shit back. THEY HAVE GOTTEN PISSED. One even stormed off.

What? You can say something ridiculous to me and I have to take it, but I can’t say anything back to you?

My whole point of this: JUST BE NICE TO EACH OTHER.

And YES, I am not afraid to admit that I am INSPIRED by this lady and her husband.


In case you haven’t met them, let me introduce you: Alecia Moore and Carey Hart. Two of the hottest, sexiest people ever.

And yes, I’ve met them in person.


And just in case your mother never taught you this simple rule in life: If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone, keep your pie hole closed.

Or something like that.

Thank You for letting me rant. And please, Take good care of each other.

-xoxo Tam