Happy Sunday!!!

(make that COLD Sunday here in KC)

Last post I shared a few of my messes with you. And you were all so kind. I think we all learned that we ALL have messes. And that is OK.

I love the meme going around FB and Instagram showing laundry as a “pop of color” in our homes.

I think we all can relate.

I DO have some progress to share with you, albeit small.

Progress NOT Perfection.

I started with the coat closet. I honestly have NO idea how on earth I shoved so many coats and scarves in there. I do however, remember all the times I dreaded opening the door even. I took out all the coats / jackets that are either too big or too small or outdated.

This is what I pulled out:


Here are NINE coats we were able to part with, there were 12 total.

I actually posted some of the coats on a Facebook swap page and then on my store VIP Page.

I priced them $5 to $20 based on brand and how worn they were.

So far, I’ve made $80!!!

That got me to thinking. I am going to start a little “HOME FUND”, anything that I can sell from my piles I will! The monies made from these items will go towards the projects I want to do around here this year.

I’m thinking we can have a pool by June! LOL

Here’s a pix of how the coat closet looks now. Notice that I am only showing you the tops of coats…that is because that is ALL I GOT DONE. And that’s ok.

Can you believe there were TWELVE more coats in there????


I am off and running, just doing this little bit inspired to dig deep.

I am considering doing a “Capsule Wardrobe” of only 35ish items per season.

I am starting the process TONIGHT.

If you hear a grown woman wailing like a baby, that might be me!

Peace, Love & Fashion,

XOXO Tamara