I’ve never been one for change, except for my hair and my clothes.

My family, my friends, my home, my job I like things to stay the same.

Life doesn’t work that way.

This last year in particular has kicked me in the gut with change more than once. I’m working on dealing with all of this change.

Losing my cousin and friend David in February was devastating. The bridge closing in Merriam for 7 months changed the way we do business forever.

Now, in two weeks, I am driving my best friend to Florida because he has taken a new position with his company and it means being relocated.


YES I AM THRILLED for him! I would have kicked his butt if he hadn’t done this. It’s an amazing opportunity! It’s what he is supposed to be doing. Hey, he will be 15 min from the beach too.


But my heart is broken. My poor husband has been a saint, I cry every day. I really really am excited for him, I promise. How could I NOT be excited for him???


I just know that no matter what some things will have to change. No more Hair Cut Thursdays. Truth is, those haven’t been the same since David died but man, did we try! No more business meetings at Chez LaRue that produce some epic selfies and instagrams! No more late night sewing sessions getting spooked with every bump in the night. No more spur of the moment Sunday Fundays. No more late nights setting up for First Friday together.

But, ya know what? That’s all OK. It’s time to write new chapters. It’s time for new adventures.


NOTHING will change as far as our friendship.


So, in two weeks we pack up his car and head out to Memphis to visit Graceland then on to New Orleans for Halloween on our way to Florida.

Justin and Josh said they will have bail money ready, just in case. I am grinnin through the tears as I type just thinking about this trip. I’ll share the parts I can with you!

So stay tuned.

As for other changes, I have so much to share with you about my trip to Memphis, to the Amy Howard University.

I have BIG changes in store for Encore and myself. I am giddy just thinkin about it all! But for now I will share with you this week’s project…it’s a vintage ornate gold frame that we are transforming with Amy Howard products. I will post the before pix now but you have to wait til Friday to see the After.



Peace, Love, Friends & Fashion

-xoxo Tamz