October kicks off Mental Health awareness month.

Personally I have lost 2 close friends and 3 family members to suicide.


THAT is probably why I was drawn to Therapy Threads.

I was introduced to Project Therapy Threads through my PR friend Nancy. These scarves are created with a little pocket for an aroma pad especially made for aromatherapy essential oils. Fragrance options include

Lavender – anxiety, stress, relaxation and sleep

Wild Orange – depression

Citrus Bliss – mood boost

AND, they are simply beautiful! They feel luxurious and are perfect paired with jeans and a t-shirt (with a little heel of course) or all dressed up and ready to go out on the town.

They make perfect gifts too!

Check the out at www.projecttherapythreads.com and come by the boutique to see them for yourself.

Therapy Threads Fox 4 Kansas City

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