For me, Sunday Blog Time is about what’s going on in my world and catching up and being real. Sometimes that is hard. Sometimes that is easy.  I start thinking about what I am going to write about early in the week. Sometimes I know right away. Sometimes I think of a few things. This week…….I was stuck.

Then I didn’t know whether to laugh OR cry, because that is EXACTLY where I am right now. STUCK. and a little SCARED.

Ya see, ALL my life I wanted to own a boutique. Every since I could talk. My friends have heard me say, “there is little separation between me and Encore….Encore IS me.”



Lately though (for a while now) that dream has been changing whether or not I want it to. We have been doing this for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS I have gone to the boutique and poured my heart and soul into it…the fashion, the décor, the windows, the parties, the charity events and the friendships. There has never been a day that I didn’t want to be there. I am there even on days that are supposed to be my day off. It is where I CHOOSE to be.

Over the years we have changed with the changing times. First we were just a furniture consignment store and then we added a clothing consignment store, Encore Too in Mission.  The mall closed so we moved the 2 together and added new clothing and new décor. We expanded to other markets. We pulled the reigns back in. We went to the West Bottoms. We expanded into paint and classes.

Think about this…6 years ago we said we didn’t have time to be on Facebook! HA! Now a business doesn’t have the time to NOT be engaged on social media…at least 3 different kinds.

On line shopping blew up!

Insta Sales and Stitch Fix changed the game again.

Consignment died. No one under 50 consigns…not with facebook swap pages, craig’s list, apps like Offer Up…the list goes on.

So back to that STUCK feeling. Where now?

The business that we built is not the same as it used to be. It’s not bad, it’s just different. Downtown Shawnee has changed. It has slowed down.  More stores like ours are open all over KC now. More ways to get what you want without leaving your house. Prices of EVERYTHING I buy have nearly doubled but my prices in the store have not. Mom is getting older (don’t tell her that!)

Where does that leave me? Encore?

Stuck is the word today. Last week the word was Lost. I think I told a couple people over the last few weeks that I feel like a dinosaur. ALL I KNOW IS RETAIL. And retail has changed.

The way we shop has changed.

There is no neat way to wrap this blog post up. STUCK is where I am today and I can’t fix that in a few paragraphs.

STUCK doesn’t mean I’m finished OR that I’m looking for sympathy. MANY things have changed for the GOOD too. I have learned that I have a passion to speak and teach. I have been given opportunities to do both. I have built a beautiful classroom and I feel honored to share creative time with creative souls. I have custom work going every week. New people walk in our door every day.

The STUCK feeling is more about, what do I do now? How do I make it all work?

At the beginning of the year I participated in a Happy Heart workshop about dreaming and setting goals for the new year. One of the phrases I clipped from a magazine said :

“Rework Work” maybe that’s what I am doing.

SO for all of you that feel STUCK or LOST right now just remember that it’s PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.



Peace, Love and Go Your Own Way