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What I Wore Wednesdays are BACK!

Now, it’s not ALWAYS what I am currently wearing on a that particular Wednesday, but it can be! I am actually sharing what I wore yesterday and showing how I styled my new Therapy Threads Scarf.


I am sooooo ready to dress for FALL but the weather in KC is not cooperating, but there are a few tricks to not get too hot and start wearing your new fall finds. The key is LIGHT LAYERS.

The ONLY way I could pull off that scarf yesterday was to have basically my summer weight tunic over one of my favorite pairs of cropped pants. (no socks helped too) I also knew I couldn’t have the scarf too close to my neck or it would have been game over. So, I tied 2 opposite corners together making it a large infinity scarf. I wrapped it around my neck a second time and pulled all the material away from my face and neck draping down the front of my plain black tunic. VOILA. I’m pretty sure the temps hit 70ish yesterday but I never got too hot and I didn’t feel bulky either.

Peace, Love, Fashion

xoxo, Tamz