Owning your own business can be draining. Sometimes, the very reason you started your business, THE THING that you LOVED doing you, don’t really get to do it much because of the daily tasks that go along with RUNNING the business.

Can I get an AMEN from my fellow Small Business Owners?


There are those moments that CLICK.

Those times that you are in the knee deep in work, passion running through your veins to the point that it doesn’t even seem like work.

THAT is when you know you are blessed to do what you LOVE.

There are TWO times this happens for me in my business:
#1 is when a girl comes in needing an outfit. If I can find THE piece that makes her walk out of that fitting room with her head held high, shoulders back and she is ready to TWIRL, I know I have done my job. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get a picture sent while she is out and about like this one:

THAT smile says it all!!! Isn't she GORGEOUS?!?

THAT smile says it all!!! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!?


#2 is producing a Fashion Show.

It’s so unreal. When all the prep work comes together and it’s show time, it’s a TOTAL HIGH for me. The clothes, the hair, the make up, the music, the models, the stage, the lights and GO TIME. At that moment it’s like I am floating out of my body watching it all happen. I can’t even explain it.

I feel so ALIVE at that moment.


And it is even that much better when Craig is with me! It’s CRAZY, he knows what I am thinking before I even say it.
It’s unexplainable.

It’s during those times that I know I am doing what I was meant to do. Will it change the world? Will it make me famous?

That all depends on your measuring stick.

I know that I get to do what I love on a daily basis and for 11 years now, I have never not wanted to go to work. I owe a world of thanks to my team for allowing me to do what I do. To my Mom, who ALWAYS holds down the fort at the shop. To my Daddy who has always told me I could do / be ANYTHING. To my Husband for allowing me to follow my dreams an for believing too. To Amy who helps me with the things I would NEVER get to with out her. To Craig for all the business meetings and for pushing me.

Here’s to YOU My you find that thing that makes your soul come alive, and may you make the time to do it.

Peace Love Fashion and PASSION!

-xoxo Tam