In case you didn’t know, I am lucky enough to get to go to Fox 4 Kansas City every 4th Monday of the month and share some of my crazy ideas. I LOVE DOING THIS…and I really do feel blessed for he opportunity. It also makes me smile because my Daddy tells everyone that I have my own show! heehee. I mean I guess he’s right…it’s 4 minutes once a month…like clock work. He also calls me after every segment and tells me I did a good job. I feel pretty lucky that he’s my Daddy too.


Let’s get to the nitty gritty.

It’s COLD in KC…and that means we all have scarves, gloves and hats PILING up somewhere.

It also means that it’s sometimes hard to find BOTH gloves when you need them. Here are some things you can use to make those piles organized and look cute in your home too.

Supplies Needed:
Wire Basket (New from Dollar Tree)
Plastic Bin (New from Dollar Tree)
Vintage wire basket
Wooden crate
Vintage Metal hook
Vintage wood trim pieces
Amy Howard Copper Penny Spray Lacquer
Screw gun and wood screws
Saw tooth picture hangers
1. Started with $1 baskets and plastic bins
2. Use metallic spray lacquer to spray all them all the same color
3. Use reclaimed wood trim or window frames and attach hooks with screws
4. Arrange to suit your space
Hang scarves over the ladder rungs
Use hooks to hang basket from and store hats and gloves
Attach crates to walls and add baskets / bins
Easy, Inexpensive and totally customizeable!
You can arrange crates to fit YOUR space and needs. Maybe each family member gets their own crate? OR 1 crate is for gloves, 1 for hats, 1 for scarves…totally up to you.
This basket was only $1 from Dollar Tree and I used Amy Howard at Home Spray Lacquer to jazz it up and make it fit my decor style.
*** TIP ***
Amy Howard Spray Lacquer should be used in a well ventilated area.
Also…spray lacquer is different that spray paint you have used before…it is fashioned after automotive paint and instead of coming out of the can conical it sprays like a fan. You want to be about 10 inches from the item and spray in even rows with little overlap. (overlap causes over spray…which dulls the shine and makes it feel bumpy)
Let m know what you think and send me any pictures of your creations.
Peace, Love and DIY
XOXO, Tamara