I wish you ALL could come over Easter morning, but our house is tiny so we will just pretend today!

Ya see, several years ago when loved ones that had always been at our Easter table had passed away, we needed some new traditions. We started having Easter Breakfast at my mom’s house. I twisted LaRue’s arm to let me set the table with her wedding china, crystal and silver and VOILA a new happy tradition was born!

With Easter right around the corner, I stated thinking about the new ‘Design Your Mantle” package I  collaborated on with Nicole. She is the owner / designer of the Blessesd Branch. I used pieces we created to help you dress your mantle for the holiday and incorporated them into a table scape. I grabbed mismatched vintage china, some fake grass, my lime waxed tray and a rustic reclaimed wood table riser from Tim, another maker in our boutique.

BAM! 15 minutes later and I am ready to serve you mimosas!





Now that you have had mimosas and french toast casserole, let’s chat about your mantle.

See, Nicole and I have had this idea for a while now. (a year probably) We put it all down on paper at one of our infamous business meetings. You know, the ones with Craig. The ones that last all night talking, dreaming, scheming and plotting how we can make this world a little prettier, nicer and more FABULOUS! Never mind how much wine and vodka may or may not have been been consumed. At least 2 legal pads were filled with plans and sketches and if we could just figure out how to get it all done in this lifetime….

This is what we concluded: Nicole has gazillions of amazeballz designs floating around in her brain and she needs to get them out of there and on some wood. I don’t know how to do that or even care to learn, BUT  I love putting it all together and help you create beautiful spaces in your home. We sat down and looked at her designs and I went to work making the extras to give you a total package. NOW, if you don’t have a mantle…fear not! ALL of these items can be used to decorate a buffet, an entry table OR just find a sturdy shelf and make a place on your wall. Use them together or break them up and spread all over the house.

We couldn’t decided on just ONE offering for you…because I fell in love with the bunny in the top hat! So we gave you 2 options. One full of color and one in cream and gold. Wasn’t that nice of us?

Take a gander at the pastel goodness!



And now I introduce to you: Mr Cottontail…..SQUEEL!!!!



La Rue also had a good point, any of these cute bunnies could work in a nursery as well!

So here’s the deal. We want to help you ‘Design Your Mantle’

You get everything offered in these pix for one price. $99

That’s 7 one of a kind items and we even show you how to display them! But the candy is not included. I ate it.

And just to get ya thinking about the rest of the year we will offer 4 more packages.

Patriotic / 4th of July (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Flag Day Veterans Day)

Fall / Halloween

Winter / Christmas

Tell us what you think!

Peace, Love and Creating with Friends! XOXO, Tamara